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Giclee Prints & Their Benefits

In Fine Art, Fine Art Consulting Services, Fine Art Matting & Framing, Fine Art Prints on August 15, 2010 at 6:14 am

Giclee prints, as I have described in an earlier post, are high quality digital prints printed on high quality art paper or canvas using an ink jet printing process with fade-resistant, archival quality ink.  Once a paper or canvas is selected, the digital image can be printed at any size from 2″ x 3″ to 40″ x 60″ with the large format resources that I work with.  Some artists choose to make these high quality reproductions of their original fine art to make the art work image accessible and affordable for more art buyers to enjoy.

Shown above: the Canon iPF imagePROGRAF 8100 – the large format ink jet printer that I work with for my clients.  It uses a twelve-color, water-based ink cartridge to produce brilliant, true to original colors.  The typical desktop ink jet printer only uses four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

The original art work remains the one-of-a-kind original with no loss of value due to availability of reproductions.  Actually, the original may increase in value as the work of art and the artist gain greater exposure through distribution of the reproductions.  I have come to realize the value of giclee prints for artists, art galleries and art buyers and now include giclee consulting among the services that I offer my fine art clients.

For artists and art galleries, giclees offer a way to reach and service more art buyers with the same fine art image, and to expand their inventory of available art with reproductions that are affordable for a larger number of potential art buyers. Giclees fill a 2-dimensional art market niche with three-digit price points,  well below the four, five or even six-digit price points of the original works.  Giclees can generate more (and repeating) sales revenue from prints of a fine art image, beyond the one-time revenue realized by original fine art work.  In effect, sales revenues can begin before the sale of an original work of art, and residual income can continue long after the original work sells.

For art buyers, giclees offer an opportunity to acquire fine art images at affordable prices and at sizes other than that of the original work of art.  And, for the money, giclees can really look good on display.  Giclees can be printed on canvas and wrapped around a hardwood frame to appear very similar to the original artwork.  Clear, textured coating can even be applied to a giclee to simulate the texture of brush strokes on the image surface.  The wrapped hardwood frame can either be 1-1/2″ thick for frameless display or 3/4″ thick for installation in a frame for display.  The surface sheen is selected from a dull, matte finish, a low luster finish or a gloss finish (among others) as needed to make the desired appearance.

Printing can also be done on photo paper, watercolor paper, velvet paper, ultra-smooth paper or textured paper to name a few.  Again, different sheens (such as matte or gloss) are available.  Such prints can be matted and framed for display, with or without a protective museum glass front covering.  These reproductions are lower cost than the higher end giclees that use stretched canvas wrapped around hardwood frames.  The paper prints simply address another market niche.

To better serve the various needs of my artist, gallery and art buyer clients, I work with Faville Photo of Mesa, Arizona, to arrange for affordable, high quality giclee printing, reproduction, matting and framing services.  Knowing the needs of my clients and the services of Faville, I am able to professionally match the most appropriate services to the needs and budgets for any artwork reproduction project.  Check out the Faville Photo website at  With any direct contact, be sure to reference my Faville ID “HO2010” to receive my complimentary consulting services to help you decide the best services set match for your particular needs and budget .  I will also give you a coupon for 5% off of your first order as our way of saying thanks for joining our growing list of clients