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Fine Art Placement

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Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner or a fine art collector, how  you place your fine art acquisition is important to you to make the best possible display of the work of art in your setting.  Many considerations come into play once you have the fine art in the site where you intend to place it.  Anything less than the best placement risks less enjoyment of the work, and, in the worst case, return of the work due to dissatisfaction.

At The Marshall-LeKae Gallery, we realize that it is important to give professional placement and installation advice to our clients when they buy fine art from us.  We have employed a full-time, professional architect / interior designer to recommend the proper placement and installation of the fine art that is available through our gallery.  We offer this service  for our local fine art buyers at no cost and it benefits both the fine art purchaser and the artist who created the work.

Our in-house design professional provides fine art placement advice about color combinations and proximity, artificial and natural lighting, aesthetic considerations for placement and installation techniques.  Our representative can suggest various alternatives for placement and can install the fine art on site for our local clients.

Yes, the fine art itself is wonderful, like a fine gourmet meal that is thoroughly enjoyed.  But in both cases, proper presentation enhances the experience.  Place your fine work of art properly and maximize your enjoyment.


Hello Fine Art World!

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Herm Otto is a licensed architect with a national certification (NCARB) and former interior design faculty at a FIDER accredited interior design program at a university.  I have chosen to use my architectural and interior design background to move into the arena of fine art advocacy as a gallery and artist representative.  My career now includes inside and outside sales of fine art with the ongoing goal of placing the art in interior or exterior settings that result in the aesthetically pleasing display that the art and art patron deserve.  In support of this activity, I’m beginning this blog for and about fine art, the galleries that display it, the artists that create it and the patrons that support it.